When Emily Met Gaz And His Parsnip


When Emily Met Gaz And His Parsnip

Emily talks to Gaz about his book and how to pick up women. 

Gaz (And My Parsnip) by Gary Beadle is out now in hardback from John Blake Publishing and is priced at £14.99 

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When Emily MetTobi

Emily chats to Tobi from the Itv2's it series The Magaluf Weekender. 

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When Emily Met Chubby Brown

He's known for his crude and blue humour and also at times the odd unpopular comment. Emily puts your questions to 'The Fat Bastard' that is Roy Chubby Brown. 

You can see a clip from his DVD here http://bit.ly/1bTSdtK

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Emily and Seann Walsh Fuk It

Seann Walsh is back! This time to talk all things Fuk It and to let us know what he does with his life. 

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Saucy Time on The True LAD Podcast - Vanessa Knowles

Saucy Time on The True LAD Podcast 

Vanessa Knowles is a Law student and Saucy Time stunner and she joins Emily to help answer your Sex and relationship problems. 

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When Emily Met Alex And Tyler

Epic Meal Times Alex Perrault (Muscles Glasses) And Tyler Lemco join Emily to talk all things Food, Sex and what next.

The Matter of Fact podcast (Alex and Tyler's podcast) is at the end of this one so keep listening or skip to it if you want to expand your mind with some facts. 

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Saucy Time on the TrueLAD Podcast

SaucyTime on TrueLAD is back this week with the lovely Miss Louise Kay. 

Emily and Louise talk escorting the Adult industry and everything Sex.

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Episode 3

Emily is joined by the amazing Comedian Ray Peacock, the hugely talented Team GB Sprinter Adam Gemili and the R&B genius Mclean Artist.

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Ray - https://twitter.com/RayPeacock
Adam - https://twitter.com/Adam_Gemili
Mclean - https://twitter.com/McLeanArtist

Contains themes of an adult nature 
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Filth The Movie Film Review

Ewen Macintosh joined us to review Filth following his trip to the West End Premier 

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Saucy Time On The True LAD Podcast

It's Saucy Time on The True LAD Podcast 

Each week we bring you tips, advice and answer your questions with the help of www.saucytime.com 's finest ladies. 

This is Episode One with Brandy Brewer you can find her on twitter https://twitter.com/Brandy_Brewer and if you want to take her to Winter Wonderland email contact@truelad.com you need to include 
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